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Fashion Hack to Create a Longer Look To Your Body

January 24, 2023

Fashion Hack to Create a Longer Look To Your Body

Our beautiful bodies come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes and even more endless variety of styling questions and insecurities to go along with those shapes and sizes. Me, for instance. Yes, I have the height at 5'9" and the long legs, but I'm a short torso person. So as much as I LOVE the look of high-waist jeans, when I put them on, I look like I'm trying to tuck my boobs into my waistband. (Cue the Steve Urkel snort if you remember the 90s.) But if you're looking to lengthen your look, see below.

Ditch The Crop Tops

Crop tops are cute and trendy, but they’re probably making you look shorter because they stop the natural lines of your body at or before the middle. If you like the look of a crop top but want to appear taller and not show off your midriff, try bodysuits instead. These create a streamlined look that will give the illusion of length while also creating a gorgeous silhouette that’s super flattering. 

Stop Pairing Light Tops With Dark Pants (Or Vice Versa)

Like crop tops, pairing dark with light will cut off your body and make you appear shorter. Although pairing a white top with black pants can create a sophisticated style, it could be making you lose a lot of height. For shorter ladies or those looking for a longer look, you might want to avoid this. 

So rather than wearing dark tops and light bottoms—or the opposite—try wearing tops that are a similar shade to the bottoms. For white tops, try it with light-colored denim and a brown belt. For black pants, try dark tops like grey or black. With brown pants, try beige or brown tops. Staying in the same neutral color variation is a fashion hack that creates an illusion of length to make you look taller. Plus, this kind of monochrome look will never go out of style.

(If you want to look shorter, do the opposite!)

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